Professional Volunteer Match Program


About The Program:

Kicking off in 2016, PROPEL began helping individuals expand their professional development by engaging directly with the local community; a crucial aspect of any business leader's development path and curriculum vitae.  

At PROPEL's In Focus series, young people have the opportunity to evaluate opportunities at local nonprofit organizations where they can contribute their specific skills and passions, and help fulfill the needs of each organization participating as a Volunteer Match Site. During the In Focus events or here online, PROPEL members can identify both the types of organizations they would be interested in working with and the professional services they could offer the organization. Not only is this program a great way for young professionals to become more engaged in the community, it also results in concrete achievements that can be added to their professional profile. A few examples include:

  • Assist an organization with their website design

  • Help an organization market their events

  • Take a lead role planning an event for an organization

  • Join the organization's board

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Connecting Your Staff with Volunteer Opportunities:

We know that many companies are looking for ways to engage their staff in the community. If you would like help connecting members of your staff to volunteer opportunities, please provide your information below and we will follow-up with you:

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How This Program Helps Local Nonprofits:

PROPEL's young professionals are well equipped to help nonprofit organizations achieve their missions; they can provide ongoing free services at a consultant level, requiring very little oversight, or can contribute as members of organizations' boards.  To enroll an organization as a Volunteer Match Site, fill out the below form.

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