About Our Current Learning Modules:

The following modules take into account varying levels of personal professional development. While the information contained in the lessons is not exclusive to the development of young professionals, we find that these topics are especially useful and practical to those within the first few years of their career. Each module contains multiple layers as to create a comprehensive overview of the topic at hand and connect with varying learning styles. The purpose of these modules is to increase both technical ability as well as adaptive skills.

Available Skills Modules

Weeks 1-6:

To overcome the normal discomfort that tends to accompany making new connections and/or introducing oneself to strangers, the first several weeks of training focus on developing tools to overcome this common predisposition so individuals can leverage these interactions to practice the skills presented in later modules.

Weeks 6-12:

Upon gaining an increased level of self-awareness, the subsequent 6 weeks will build upon the more technical side of the individual’s set of skills to improve upon general interpersonal communication.

Weeks 12-18:

At this stage, the learner has developed a new level of understanding around the technical skills required to effectively communicate interpersonally. The individual now gains a new understanding of his/her strengths as well as opportunities for improvement as an individual contributor to any team.



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