The Initial Introduction

Guided Learning

Video Instruction:



Action items:

At an Event: At your next event use Kio's 3 simple tips to initiate an introduction. Make eye contact, identify commonalities to use as as icebreakers and respond to a smile by saying hello. Once you secure a conversation, tell them something true and personal about yourself. 

Extracurricular Action: The next time you are in town, at the bar or on public transit initiate conversation with a complete stranger. Identify something common or funny about your current situation and just relay it to the nearest person.  Try to keep the conversation going for 60 seconds. 

RSVP at Event to Practice.


How did the introduction strategy work at your event? Did it make the first "hello" easier? How did you customize this strategy to meet your needs and personality? How did the individual react when you told them something personal about yourself?

Were you able to talk to a complete stranger outside of an event? Did you feel a sense of community being formed? How do you think they felt about the interaction? Do you think this interaction will make meeting someone at a structured networking event easier?