How Does It Work?

1. Choose & complete a skills module. You log into the learning portal, review the available skills modules and choose which one covers a skill you like to practice. 

2. RSVP at an event to practice the defined action items. Review the event calendar and register at the next event. The event will be full of people highly open to interacting with new people. The perfect strangers to practice your new skills on.

3. Submit your reflection & set goals. After the event, log back into the portal and reflect on the experience.  Reflect on questions like; What felt good? What felt uncomfortable? What Worked? What's next?

About the Core Skill Training. 

It's a fact that well developed Core-Skills, especially skills related to interpersonal skills and self awareness, differentiate those who excel in their careers and life and those that don't. People that practice these skills can make better connections, negotiate more effectively, build better relationships, understand the emotions driving situations, navigate office politics and understand who they are. In short, core skills are important and everyone needs a means to practice them. 

Our Epiphany: Over the course of the past 12 months we had an epiphany regarding our attendance at "Networking Events" thrown by PROPEL. We realized that while we were meeting new people, we were also practicing core skills against strangers. We realized practicing against strangers may be uncomfortable, BUT it was risk-free and gave us the opportunity to figure out what works. If we messed up or said some stupid we could learn from it, put it behind us and move on to our next "practice session". We wouldn't need to see the person at the office or at happy hour the next day unless we wanted to.

Our Solution: The Core Skills Training provides structured learning paths and leverages real events as practice venues. You take a "class" and then get some "homework", a time-tested method to improving any skill set. Our training utilizes this basic concept by presenting quality learning material and action items to turn a networking event into a venue to practice the core skills presented.