About Us

PROPEL’s mission is to help businesses and young professionals thrive in Maine.

PROPEL is a non-profit with a mission of making Maine an easier place to both run a business and thrive as a young professional. The PROPEL board works hard to accomplish this task by leveraging strategic partnerships within the Maine community to compliment the efforts of its entrepreneurial board members. The programs we develop are designed to make it easier for local businesses to hire and develop talent in addition to helping young professionals build careers in Maine.

“Next Generation of Portland’s Maine’s Business Leaders”

PROPEL members believe that fulfilling this tagline is as much about putting in the time and effort to become a business leader as it is about ensuring there will be enough people and businesses in Maine to lead when they take the reins. For this reason, PROPEL is leading the effort to help more people and businesses call Maine home. PROPEL is uniquely positioned to make such a difference across Maine, not just in Portland. Through its leadership position in the Realize Maine Network, PROPEL aims to export aspects of its model across the State.

PROPEL’s Three Pillars Serve Maine

Propels Pillars
Attract Talent to Maine:
Help potential newcomers to the state understand Maine’s Live and Work movement; formal employee training programs to give Maine a competitive advantage in training employees; targeted cross-border marketing.

Professional Development: Help young employees grow in their careers through peer-to-peer feedback, real world experiential learning and formal training programs in partnership with a local college.

Referral, Knowledge & Social Networking: Help members build high quality networks quickly to make Maine sticky and leverage their out of state network to drawn new young professionals to Maine.